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Organic Thyme- Premium

Thymus vulgaris

Grown on our farm and hand harvested when this plant is bursting with a dense coating of the most delicate little leaves heavily scented with that wonderful volatile oil.

Thyme is an incredible anti- microbial plant. Thyme is much more useful than simply seasoning a chicken dinner. A great way to reap the benefits of thyme is by making a steam to inhale the next time a sinus infection hits.

An infusion of thyme can also be used as a gargle for sore throats, a mouthwash for oral infections, and is a great addition to cold and flu tea blends.

Thyme is not only light in weight but also takes an incredibly long time to process- ie. remove from stem once dried. We try our best but there will be some stem included in your order. We would likely lose our minds here if we tried to remove it all.