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About Us

Rebel Roots Herb Farm is the co-creation of Alexis Burnett (Herbalist and Naturalist) and Bobbi Burnett (Farmer and Mother). Together with our intense love of the plant kingdom we operate a small organic Herb Farm in Grey County, Ontario.

After seeing a need for quality herbs for use in our home and in the workshops we run, we decided to start growing them on a larger scale so others could benefit from herbs grown with care, harvested when at peak vitality and dried in a way that maintains colour and potency.

Over the years we have gotten to know the land in a more intimate way and have become familiar with the critters and insects that live here too. We believe it to be their right to a clean and healthy environment which is one of the MANY reasons why we do not use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers.

Our Farm is a small but busy place. Our 2 children (Violet, 7 and River, 5) run barefoot under ancient apple trees and make mud pies to feed the resident chicken flock. Most times they're happy to help with the chores of seeding in the greenhouse, collecting the eggs and picking Calendula flowers.

Every growing season we bring on 2 interns who work on the farm in exchange for a spot in our Wild Plants Apprenticeship Program and other workshops and events. It's a great exchange and we're happy to have made many great memories with our past interns.

Our Farm is also home to Earth Tracks Outdoor School where people come from all over to take various programs. Our most popular program is the Wild Plants Apprenticeship where a group of 10-15 apprentices come together one weekend a month for 8 months to explore the plant kingdom in an intimate, hands on way. 

Rebel Roots Herb Farm

Bobbi harvesting Calendula

Alexis and the Wild Plants Apprenticeship Program in the forest

Baby River enjoying some 'dirt time'

Past Interns of the farm