Premium Bulk Herbs

Our Premium Herbs are grown on our small organic farm.  We take pride in their appearance and vitality and know that it is a direct result of the care we take when growing, harvesting and drying our herbs. 

When you choose to purchase our premium herbs you are supporting our small farm family business. You are also helping to support our farm in becoming a more biologically diverse place; buzzing with bees and other insects, plants of all shapes and sizes, frogs, turtles and critters of all kinds (including rarely spotted bare foot children). 

You'll notice a difference in the quality, vibrancy and vitality of our premium herbs. We guarantee it.

As we are starting a new growing season here on the farm it is generally a time when our stock of premium herbs is at a low. We are currently sold out of a lot of our premium herbs. While I do not like disappointing folks it does signify that people are looking for locally grown, top quality herbs and that makes me very happy. 

If you see something here that you want but are sold out of, send us a request to be notified when more becomes available, it helps us to plan for the upcoming growing season.

If you would like to place a pre-order for the upcoming growing season please contact us to talk about that.

Organic Anise Hyssop- Premium from $12.00
Organic Bergamot Leaves- Premium from $25.00
Organic Bergamot- Premium Sold Out
Organic Blue Vervain- Premium from $14.00
Organic Borage Flowers- Premium Sold Out
Organic Burdock Root-Premium Sold Out
Organic Calendula Flowers- Premium Sold Out
Organic Catnip-Premium from $17.00
Organic Chamomile-Premium Sold Out
Organic Comfrey Leaf- Premium Sold Out
Organic Crampbark-Premium from $20.00
Organic Dandelion Root- Raw- Premium from $13.00
Organic Dill- Premium Sold Out
Organic Echinacea Root-Premium from $17.00
Organic Goldenrod- Premium from $18.00
Organic Hops- Premium from $40.00
Organic Lavender- Premium Sold Out
Organic Lemon Balm- Premium from $20.00
Organic Marshmallow Root- Premium from $12.00
Organic Milky Oats- Premium from $15.00
Organic Motherwort- Premium from $20.00
Organic Mugwort- Premium from $20.00
Organic Nettle- Premium from $20.00
Organic Parsley- Premium from $10.00
Organic Peppermint- Premium Sold Out
Organic Red Clover Blossoms- Premium Sold Out
Organic Red Raspberry Leaf- Premium Sold Out
Organic Rosemary- Premium Sold Out
Organic Skullcap- Premium Sold Out
Organic Spearmint- Premium Sold Out
Organic St John's Wort-Premium Sold Out
Organic Thyme- Premium from $13.00
Organic Tulsi- Premium Sold Out
Organic Valerian Root- Premium from $20.00
Organic Yarrow- Premium from $20.00