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Our Dream

The first step in realizing a dream is putting that dream out there. So here you are Universe; Our Dream.

Our Dream:

To own a farm in Grey County where we can raise our family, grow our herbs and take care of the land. 

Our Dream Farm is ideally a mix of open fields, forest and wetland (pond, river, swamp). 

Our Dream Farm is an ecologically diverse place where a variety of plant and animal species abound. Where we protect the water and soil from contamination. Where we ensure the trees remain and the birds are happy.

Our Dream Farm is also a place for people to come and enjoy the beauty of this area. Connect with nature and others while they take a workshop or take in the local attractions.

 Where we're at now:

We have been living on our lovely country property of 4 acres in Normanby Township for more than 4 years now. We love it here. But the reality is we have outgrown the space. Of our 4 acres most is treed or a pond, which is great but doesn't allow for the scale of herb growing that we would need to make the business sustain us. 

We sell mostly via our website but also attend a few plant/herb gatherings and holistic health events throughout the year.

The demand for organic, locally grown medicinal and culinary herbs is growing every year and we struggle to keep up. We would love to meet more of the demand as it would sustain us, increase more biodiversity and organic cultivation. 

It would also allow us to lower our prices a bit which will help to make our herbs more accessible.

We find ourselves constantly 'bottle necked' in our production. Either we are back logged in the greenhouse or are harvesting more than our small drying room can contain. While we know there will always be challenges in farming (and let's face it, that's why we do it), we do believe that operating on a proper farm will allow for some of those bottle necks to open up significantly.

We get requests regularly from large and small herbal companies (herbal medicine makers, herbal product and cosmetic industries, herb wholesalers, herbalists, naturopathic Doctors, ect) for more herbs. The demand is there and we would love to become an agricultural product that Grey County can be proud of.

How we Farm:

We believe in farming regeneratively. This means that we aim to create as many 'closed loops' as we can. This means relying less on inputs from outside sources and more on working with the farm as a whole to create healthy soil, happy animals and plants.

We believe animals have the right to a happy life that includes access to the outside world, sunshine and grazing.   

We believe that the medicinal herbs we grow are of a superior quality and we hear it all the time from our customers. This is true because we take care at every step to ensure the plants are healthy and harvested during peak vitality. We dry our herbs carefully and this maintains much of their flavour, colour and potency. 

We do a lot by hand but we do a lot with our small tractor as well. 

We treat our small farm as a community space where we host potlucks, workshops and get-togethers. 

Industrial Agriculture is a destructive and ugly force which is creeping into Grey County more and more. We aim to be be the opposite.

Who We are:

We are Bobbi and Alexis Burnett and our 2 children Violet (7) and River (5).

We run this Herb Farm and an Outdoor School called Earth Tracks which teaches naturalist skills and nature connection to children and adults. 

Check it out here

We are 100% committed to the work we do and we believe that there's room for it to grow into something even more beautiful and something that Grey County can truly be proud of.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and imagine our vision alongside us for a minute. If you want to reach out please do. Our number is 519 369 7235 and our email is

Thanks again!