Bulk Dried Herbs

In addition to the herbs we grow on the farm we also carry imported organic herbs. After years of trying to grow it all we have concluded that some herbs just don't grow well in our area not to mention the inevitable crop failure or deer buffet (farmer woes; we all have 'em).

We also like to ensure that we have an herb you're looking for because nothing is more inspiring or handy than a fully stocked home apothecary where all the jars are sitting side by side neatly labeled and awaiting your next creation.

You'll find herbs grown on our farm in this section as well- labeled 'Premium'.

Dandelion Leaf- Premium Sold Out
Organic Agrimony from $15.00
Organic Alfalfa from $8.00
Organic Anise Hyssop- Premium Sold Out
Organic Ashwaganda from $8.00
Organic Astragalus from $15.00
Organic Basil Leaf from $8.00
Organic Bergamot Flowers- Premium Sold Out
Organic Bergamot Leaves- Premium Sold Out
Organic Black Cohosh Root from $18.00
Organic Black Peppercorns from $8.00
Organic Blessed Thistle from $10.00
Organic Blue Vervain- Premium Sold Out
Organic Boneset from $20.00
Organic Boneset- Premium Sold Out
Organic Borage Sold Out
Organic Burdock Root from $9.00
Organic Burdock Root-Premium Sold Out
Organic Cacao Nibs from $9.00
Organic Calamus Root from $15.00
Organic Calendula from $10.00
Organic Calendula Flowers- Premium Sold Out
Organic California Poppy from $16.00
Organic California Poppy -Premium Sold Out
Organic Catnip from $14.00
Organic Catnip-Premium Sold Out
Organic Cayenne Powder from $10.00
Organic Celandine Sold Out
Organic Chaga Mushroom from $25.00
Organic Chamomile from $15.00
Organic Chamomile-Premium Sold Out
Organic Chaste Tree Berries from $8.00
Organic Chicory Root- Roasted from $10.00
Organic Cinnamon chips Sold Out
Organic Cinnamon chips from $12.00
Organic Cleavers from $13.00
Organic Cloves from $16.00
Organic Codonopsis Root from $35.00
Organic Comfrey Leaf from $13.00
Organic Comfrey Leaf- Premium Sold Out
Organic Comfrey Root from $15.00
Organic Comfrey Root- Premium Sold Out
Organic Crampbark-Premium Sold Out
Organic Dakota Sage-Premium Sold Out
Organic Damiana Leaf from $13.00
Organic Dandelion Leaf from $10.00
Organic Dandelion Root- Raw from $10.00
Organic Dandelion Root- Raw- Premium Sold Out