Bulk Dried Herbs

In addition to the herbs we grow on the farm we also carry imported organic herbs. After years of trying to grow it all we have concluded that some herbs just don't grow well in our area not to mention the inevitable crop failure or deer buffet (farmer woes; we all have 'em).

We also like to ensure that we have an herb you're looking for because nothing is more inspiring or handy than a fully stocked home apothecary where all the jars are sitting side by side neatly labeled and awaiting your next creation.

You'll find herbs grown on our farm in this section as well- labeled 'Premium'.

Organic Nettle from $9.00
Organic Nettle Root from $20.00
Organic Nettle- Premium Sold Out
Organic Oat Straw from $12.00
Organic Orange Peel Granules from $15.00
Organic Oregano- Premium Sold Out
Organic Oregon Grape Root from $13.00
Organic Passionflower from $20.00
Organic Peppermint from $15.00
Organic Peppermint- Premium Sold Out
Organic Plantain Leaf from $15.00
Organic Plantain- Premium Sold Out
Organic Red Clover Blossoms- Premium Sold Out
Organic Red Raspberry Leaf from $15.00
Organic Red Raspberry Leaf- Premium Sold Out
Organic Rhodiola from $24.00
Organic Rhubarb Root from $10.00
Organic Rose Petals from $15.00
Organic Rosehips- Cut and Sift from $8.00
Organic Rosehips- whole from $8.00
Organic Rosemary- Premium Sold Out
Organic Sage -Premium Sold Out
Organic Sarsaparilla Root- Jamaican from $20.00
Organic Sarsaparilla Root- Mexican Sold Out
Organic Schisandra Berries, whole from $20.00
Organic Skullcap from $23.00
Organic Skullcap- Premium Sold Out
Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder from $20.00
Organic Spearmint from $15.00
Organic Spearmint- Premium Sold Out
Organic St John's Wort-Premium Sold Out
Organic St. John's Wort from $15.00
Organic Star Anise from $15.00
Organic Thyme- Premium Sold Out
Organic Tulsi- Premium Sold Out
Organic Tumeric Root Powder from $10.00
Organic Tumeric Root- Cut and Sift from $10.00
Organic Valerian Root from $16.00
Organic Valerian Root- Premium Sold Out
Organic Violet Leaf Sold Out
Organic White Pine Needles -Premium Sold Out
Organic Wild Cherry Bark from $15.00
Organic Wormwood from $14.00
Organic Wormwood- Premium from $15.00
Organic Yarrow- Premium Sold Out
Organic Yellow Dock Root from $10.00