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Organic Milky Oats- Premium

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Avena sativa

We spread oat seeds in between the rows and sections of our fields as they create a living 'mulch' which competes against the weeds and enriches the soil.

We hand harvest the oat 'seeds' when they are milky- ie not ripe but full of the milky inulin that bursts from the seed head when squeezed. This inulin is the beneficial part of the Oat seed head and so timing in very important in the harvesting of this herb.

The inulin is active in creating a protective and healing 'sheath' that encompasses the nerve endings and protects and heals against stress induced wear and tear.

A must have herb in your home apothecary, useful as an everyday tonic to protect and defend against the daily bombardment of stresses. We use it in a daily tea blend mixed with Skullcap and Tulsi for an overall adaptogenic tonic.