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Organic Marshmallow Root-Whole-Premium

Althaea officinalis

Please note we have 3 different types of marshmallow processing. Cut, whole and shredded. This is the whole process.

Grown on our farm and hand dug in the early spring when the plant just starts to wake from it's winter slumber and all it's energy is still in the roots.  

Marshmallow root is full of cooling, soothing mucilage. A great herb to go to to help with sore mouth (cankers, ulcers), throat and stomach. It coats the lining with a smooth soothing mucilage. Can also be helpful in soothing urinary tract infections.

A great way to prepare this herb is to grind the dried roots with a coffee grinder and infuse in cold water for a couple of hours before taking. Hot water can break down the mucilage making it less effective than cold water.